Cleaning your sink with something you’d put in your mouth!

I’m not a fan of things chemical to clean my home, so was rather glad to accidentally stumble across a wonderfully simple way to clean my kitchen sink. I’ve been using this to clean silver for aeons, and the other day, I let a large blob of it  fall into my stainless steel kitchen sink. On a whim, instead of washing it off, I decided to take a paper towel and scrub it across the sink with very little effort. When I rinsed off the sink with warm water, I found that the portion cleaned out by it did a wonderful job of shining up my sink. I then proceeded to clean both the sinks with it and boy, did it sparkle! I am so relieved to have accidentally discovered this (I feel a bit like Fleming, although my discovery isn’t as exciting nor does it save lives) – with very little elbow grease, I can harness its abrasive powers  to scour and make my sink shine. I’ve even found it will remove the dark stains that have gone into the writing in the sink (who the devil came up with that idea anyway?? Probably the same person who had the bright idea to have decorative indentations on a microwave…) and have even been able to get some of the slimy bits inside the garbage disposal (how many of you have put your hands in there??).

So, what is this miracle product you ask? Nothing more than an ordinary tube of something you use at least once a day (I hope!) – toothpaste! Voila, a clean sink that smells like your mouth should!


Delivery charges

So, what gives with firms that charge you to deliver an appliance you buy from them but that can be reimbursed when you send in a form? I know there is a percentage of purchasers who lose, forget or *gasp* can’t be bothered to request the return of their money this way, but who continues to buy at these places when there are others who will deliver and haul away your old appliance at no additional charge? I was quite glad to purchase (at a lower cost for a comparable item), have delivered (for free) and have hauled away (still free) an appliance I purchased. To boot, the company scheduled the delivery / installation timings within a couple of hours, and kept in touch to let us know that they could deliver a couple of hours earlier than promised. From time to pay for the appliance to the time it was installed and the old one taken away, it was 18 hours. Now that was a record!

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