Sensodyne BzzActivity!

Since 2008, I have been a “BzzAgent”. What is that, you say? I get to try products and services and share my opinion about them as a part of over 1 million other such agents worldwide!

I have been able to participate in all sorts of product trials including Dr. Scholls Insoles, Garnier, John Freida, Covergirl, Publix & Kroger, Green Mountain Coffee, Scotts EZ Seed, Windex, Boston Market etc. The product I am currently trying and reviewing is Sensodyne Deep Clean.

The catch? You have to write a report, share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your Blog etc. It has been interesting to try new products, review them, and share the information with friends. The hard part is actually sitting down and writing the reports!

Interested in knowing more? Let me know with a comment here, and I will respond!


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