Yesterday, we all went blueberry picking. Wonderful, blue-purple, ripe fresh berries that taste superb just warm off the bush. We ended up with 2 gallons of berries. So, of course, once we got back home, I had about 40 minutes of work to rinse, pick out leaves and stems and sort out the unripe ones. I ended up with a cupful of unripe ones (I am sure there were more, but I decided to let them stay with the sweet ones). The question was, what was to be done with these reddish, whitish berries that are too tart to pop into your mouth? I decided to Indianize them and made blueberry pickle (the first time I have ever tried to make this!).

Here’s how I made it.

Indian pickle from blueberries

Indian pickle from blueberries

I heated about 30 mls of cooking oil in an iron wok, popped a 1/4 tsp of black mustard seeds, added the scant cup of berries with a pinch of turmeric and 1 tsp of sea salt. Stirred them on medium-low for about 9-10 minutes and once they started to stick to the bottom of the wok, I added a teaspoonful of red chilli powder (the super hot variety from the Indian grocers). Voila!

Notes: Tastes quite nice though you can’t really tell it what the fruit is (that’s what comes of spicing them up!). Great for a sandwich. And, yes, there was too much oil, so the next time I will try it with 20 mls.


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