Zoar Craft Bazaar 2013

Craft Bazaar at Zoar UMC, Snellville, GA

Craft Bazaar at Zoar UMC, Snellville, GA

It is that time of the year again – autumn, fall colors, cooler weather, pumpkins, spice, warm drinks and Craft Bazaars! Time for my first Fall 2013 Bazaar coming up this weekend at Zoar UMC in Snellville, GA. Have many new things for this year – crocheted baby hats, crocheted beanies for teens and adults, crocheted scarves and cowls, crocheted embellishments for all of the above, hair accessories, painted silk scarves and lots of jewelry.  Every single piece has been slowly and lovingly hand crafted and made in a smoke and pet free environment. I hope if you are in the area you will stop by, shop my booth and the many others who are there and get some of your holiday shopping done – family, friends, co-workers, teachers et al. Something to please everyone at this show. The venue will have a silent auction, door prizes, a bake sale, a BBQ lunch and a KidsZone for your kids to give you a chance to shop for them!


Scarves on sale

My house is now overflowing with yarn – all that, added to the beading supplies I have has lead to a VERY full house. I keep telling my kids that at some point I might have to have them sleep in the kitchen as I am running out of space.  With the 20 odd scarves I have made so far, I decided to put them up for sale. So, I popped them onto my facebook page at Designs by Anupa – take a look at them and tell me what you think! There are new ones not found on this blog. I have many colors of the black mesh scarf in yarn, and hope to finish them up by the end of the month. Then, on to making baby hats – something that is cute and practical. That post will come another day along with thoughts on how I find working with the different types of yarn.

More scarves!

The crochet bug has caught me and I just keep making more scarves now! Here are the latest ones…I have a few others in the making as well…one in a gorgeous purple, but it has taken so long to make it, I am unable to do more than a row or more at a time!

Click on the images to get a larger picture.

es and green delicate yarn

Blues and green make up this delicate, lacy scarf.

Green, pink, maroon, khakhi and deep red ruffled scarf

Greens, pink, maroon, khaki and black ruffled, lacy scarf

Maroon and pink with a touch of silvery glitter

Maroon and pink ruffled, lacy scarf with a touch of silvery glitter

Black eyelash yarn

A mesh-y scarf made with black eyelash yarn. The picture shows both the mesh-y nature of it and how it can look solid against some backgrounds.

My latest project

All of a sudden, after a space of several years, I have started up with crochet. Those lovely, twisted, ruffled scarves with delicate lacy threads that have been around are in my radar and I decided to try to make some. This week alone, I have made six of them and am trying to work different ways to make them (still using my crochet hook) right now. Meanwhile, here are some photos.

Which one is your favorite? Vote for your favorite and tell me what you like or don’t like about them!


Lacy, light yarn scarves with a metallic border…green and gold to the left and pinks and grey to the right.

Lacy, frothy sea-foam blues and white on the left and a heavier yarn with sequins and teeny tiny pom-pom border in browns and creams to the right (for some reason, my camera picks up the dark brown as a gray).

A very interesting yarn in greens and black with a multi colored pom-pom border. A heavy cotton feel to this one.

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