My latest project

All of a sudden, after a space of several years, I have started up with crochet. Those lovely, twisted, ruffled scarves with delicate lacy threads that have been around are in my radar and I decided to try to make some. This week alone, I have made six of them and am trying to work different ways to make them (still using my crochet hook) right now. Meanwhile, here are some photos.

Which one is your favorite? Vote for your favorite and tell me what you like or don’t like about them!


Lacy, light yarn scarves with a metallic border…green and gold to the left and pinks and grey to the right.

Lacy, frothy sea-foam blues and white on the left and a heavier yarn with sequins and teeny tiny pom-pom border in browns and creams to the right (for some reason, my camera picks up the dark brown as a gray).

A very interesting yarn in greens and black with a multi colored pom-pom border. A heavy cotton feel to this one.


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