Web Deals – multiple

I was at a dinner party last evening and the topic turned to blogs. I brought up My Fav Eats as a place I have been using for a few weeks and how it has worked out. I thought I’d now share a couple of other sites I use and have been using, more or less this year.

Groupon sends you daily e-mails with their Deal of the Day. You register and choose your city (you are not restricted to deals in your city alone…once you have an account, you can choose other cities and get the deal if it works for you) and you’ll get information about deals in your area. On my first day, I snagged a 50% off annual membership to a local Museum and more than made up for the money I spent in one single visit.

Half Off Depot works on the same principle as Groupon and I have been using that for a while as well.

Restaurants dot com allows you to purchase certificates good for dining at places you choose – typically, the certificates have no expiry, you can choose any city and restaurant you like, and there are an umpteen number of choices. Why pay full price at an eatery when you can snag it for a lot less. Their list of restaurants is extremely large and the deals are really good. I have purchased a $10 certificate for $0.80; however, they do have a small catch – when you buy a $10 certificate, you have to buy at least $20 worth of food. However, in the end, you pay $10.80 for $20 worth of food, so it is almost a 50% off deal. You can buy certificates in various denominations and as long as you go out with another person (or eat a tremendously large amount of food), you’re in clover!

In addition, here is a site that I heard about last night but have yet to use:
Living Social has locations across Northern America and the UK

Do you know of any others? Do add them in your comments on this blog!

Disclaimer: I do not get a kickback from any of these sites for mentioning them in my blog, and what I get is what you’d get if you decided to try these web deals.


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  1. Mallik
    Nov 03, 2010 @ 12:40:32

    Thanks for the useful tips on saving on food!


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