Update on Home Delivered Produce

We’ve tried the organic produce for two weeks now. There are many pluses (fresh, organic produce delivered right to your door), but for us we have found that in two weeks, we’re not using the veggies as quickly as we’d like. Somehow, I am loath to incorporate some veggies when I am not in the mood to cook them, but there they are, wilting away as I look reproachfully at them.

We also find that the fruits are much too unripe for us – it took about a week for 4 bananas to ripen, (which doesn’t work in our house as we consume 3-4 a day and I dislike having old and new bananas to keep track of) and the D’Angou pears weren’t ripe enough even after 7-8 days. The Bosc pears have been great as have the Imperial apples, the snap beans have been wonderful both weeks and the onion, yams and potato batches have all been good. Somehow, the large Haas avocados don’t seem to work for us – the taste is not as intense as the smaller variety, and the flesh is bland and watery; ergo, the guacamole doesn’t taste as great. We’ve decided to shelve the delivery of the produce for fall and winter and resume in the summer when we expect the fruits will ripen faster even they come in just as unripe.

Until then, adieu to the home delivery of produce and back to choosing the variety and ripeness of my choice!


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