Home Delivered Produce

Last month I signed up for a service that home delivers natural, organic and often local produce. After a few technical glitches, I had my first box of vegetables and fruits delivered at my doorstep earlier in the week. When you sign up, you choose the size of the box (they have a sample of contents for each box size along with the cost online).

A few days before your produce is due, you get an e-mail with details of what the contents of your delivery that week will be. You can then check and remove or add items if you’d like to the box. Items deleted are substituted with another to keep the price the same and added items are charged at the rate detailed on their site. You also get to customise your likes and dislikes from the fruits and vegetables that are delivered so on days that an article you thoroughly dislike (rutabaga anyone??) is on the list, they automatically substitute for it. The produce is left on your doorstep in a large plastic sac (with a cold pack for warm days) and all of this is enclosed in a sealed carton.

This week, my “tiny” box contained 4 bananas, 2 large avocados, 3 slicing tomatoes, 2 potatoes, 2 sweet potatoes, 3/4 lb green beans (so fresh that my kids have been crunching on them raw as if they were pretzels), 3 pears, 3 apples, 3 oranges and 1 large red onion. A tiny box is meant for a family of one or two people and a good starter size for skeptics.

The nice part of this is that you are not obliged to stick with the service, can cancel or change the size of the box any day before delivery, take a vacation break, unlike a co-op you get home-delivery, and you know exactly what you are getting. If they are not in your neighborhood and you can band together 4 people who are willing to collect it from your doorstep, then the company will consider delivery to your location.

The quality of all the produce this week has been amazingly good. By quality, I mean the taste, though it hasn’t been unattractive to the eye either. As one of my friends who swung by to take a look at it said, “Wow! It looks really good and not spotty like most organic produce”. As for price, I think $29 for the lot I purchased was more than comparable with what I’d find at my neighborhood grocers and it was conveniently home-delivered to boot.

I’ve signed up for a few months and if things go well, will extend my signup. More in the coming months on this topic especially if things sour on the deal!


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  1. Mallik
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 23:07:34

    What is the site? Sounds interesting.


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